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We have five videos from the 50th Reunion, created by Allan Block, "On Location Video". To view them, please click here.

What's Happening today...
Ride along with Sheriff's Deputies - Exciting day!
Mike & Donna Stenberg - Trevi Fountain - Rome

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55th Reunion at the Park Tavern
We were honored to have two teachers attend. Darold Wold and Wes Bodin.
Tom Lujan made some special comments during the evening. We had perfect weather.
Randy & Bobbie Burt Schlueter with Mike Stenberg. We live in the same community in Florida, but had to travel 1700 + miles to get together.
Carol Fuchs Thompson with husband Dick - Linda LaDuke Bliss - David Hilk - Diann Peterson Kock - Richard Seigel.
Kate Born Mooney and Wes Bodin.
Darold Wold and Steve Mooney.
Jim Rutz, Jeff Bowers, and Reggie Berg
Tom Lujan and Ed Holland
Lynn Rutz and Jim Rutz
Rhonda Lane and Jan Nelson Lundsted
Bruce Idelkope and Michael Shapiro
Jeanne Juster, Mike Stenberg, Donna Gagner Stenberg, and Barb Grossman.

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The 50th Reunion
Memorial Service
Elementary School Photos
Fun photos from the last 50 years!
Greg Lehan - Eagle
The Tradition Continues...
Alfred Moore and daughters.
Biking on the beach in February - Robbie Perl
Barb Grossman and Leslee Marcus in Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2005
Higher than High.  Jumping for joy at the summit of Mt. Whitney, having just completed a Sea To Sky trip.  I bicycled and hiked from the lowest point in the USA at Death Valley to the Highest, Mt. Whitney, in July of 2006.
Our first grandchild-finally!
(Sue Brudevold and husband.)
Scott Sheryak
Aug 14, 2007 -PreReunion of Sally Horak and Cheryl Soshnik in Park City, UT as Sally and hubby Tom are heading to the 40th
With my favorite bear at my favorite place, the Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary. Tim Halvorson, (Tims the one on the left.)
Oct 07 - Sue McGarry visits Park City UT.  Hey, we should have a Western States reuinion...theres a bunch of us out here!
Happy to be part of planning the 50th!

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40th Reunion Night Photos
Look who came to the 40th... (1 of 4)
Look who came... (2 of 4)
Look who came... (3 fo 4)
Look who came... (4 of 4)
20, 30 and 35th Reunion
This was our 20 year book. Classmates filled out a questionaire page and we printed each as a page in the book. It was quite thick!
Here is our 30 year book. This reunion was completely done by an official reunion company. They gathered statics from all the classmates they could and printed out another update book.
Eric Locken and Greg Lehan at the 30th Reunion. We had a good turn out, it was more than Eric and Greg, this is the only picture we have for now.
Our 35th Reunion Book was quite small. It only contained names and addresses of the classmates we could find. It gets a little harder to find people as time echoes on.
Al Carlson, ?, Dan Mabley,Bob Daly, Christopher Dale and Dan Johnson
Steve Thompson and Donna Egeberg Marcue
Carol Rose and Mick Lyman
Maecy, Barb and Gwen
Doug, Connie and Jan
Donna Gagner Stenberg and Mike Stenberg
Dale, Dan and Brian
10 Year Reunion
This was our first reunion book that contained the information we were able to gather about all the classmates.
This photo of the reunion committee was taken at the Radisson Mart.
Front row: Peggy Cannon Kanofsky, Nickie Lyneis Windsperger, Donna Gagner Stenberg, Lynda Strong Lujan
Back row: Gene Gagner, Tom Lujan, Bob Daly, Gwen Rosen, Neil lapidus, Mike Stenber
There were plenty of smiles at Saturdays reunion for the St. Louis Park class of 1967. Keith Gershkow, left, came up from Florida for the occasion. At right is Tom Hatcher, now a resident of Plymouth.
Tom Lujan (center) with Donna Gagner Stenberg and Mike Stenberg
Steve Langmo, Edina, and PERKY Priscilla Tjornhom Boyd, Maryland.
Kathy Polson and Dennis Christensen, St. Louis Park
John & Fran Barnes, Anoka, Ed Erickson, Mpls and Greg Lehan, Mpls.
Some of the Committee: seated are Dick and Carol Fuchs Thompson, St. Louis Park; Gwen Rosen, Richfield; standing are Lynda Strong Lujan, Mpls, Bob Daly, St. Louis Park; Nicki Lyneis Windsperger, Robbinsdale and Peggy Cannon Eisenberg, St Louis Park.
From California: Suzanne Levin, Venice; and Sue Pratt Bromley, Palm Springs.
Ron Anderson of Mpls and Bruce Bengtson W. St Paul.
Joel and Karen Hodroff, Ft Lauderdale, Florida, won the prize for the most recently married graduate.
Steve Mooney, St Louis Park, left, was the runner-up for the most lost hair prize. On the right is winner Ken Radde of Minnetonka.
A day at Park High
Al Moore in Electronics class
Bob Iverson. How many still have their table they made?
Bobby Burt in sewing class
Cheryl Soshnick & Sally Horak, make sales for French class
Connie Ledin... that was then, what about now?
Edree McDonald in Phys Ed class
Janice Herrmann on the work program.
Kent Confeld... working on a high tech computer?
Ron Strickland and Snoopy!
Sandy Nash, Marien Andreasen, Kathy Huchinson, Brenda Parker and Mary Reese in the attire of the day.
Bob Lidfors, Ed Holland and Allen Strand
'67 Graduates - The Way we were!
Sports and Activites
Steve Thompson - Park wrestler
Steve Ashley drives around a Kennedy defender.
Skip Trumble and Steve Trendov
Rod Stein
Sally Horak on Guitar
Mike Stenberg & Dave Smith Co-captians in Gymnastics
Nice catch by Marc Moberg
No stoppin Jim Rutz
In the center is Captain Mark Schmidt
Captain Bob Daly tips ball
Staff and Teacher Photos
Graduation 1967
Here are the three year books for our Sophomore, Junior and Senior years at Park.
Do you remember some of these buttons from the Park High years? Hey where did that Westwood button come from?
SCHOOL BOARD CHAIRMAN Carter DeLaittre congratulates a smiling young miss as he presents her with her sheepskin.
ONTO THE FIELD THEY CAME, members of Park Highs 1967 graduating class. The 763 students make an impressive sight, clad in their blue or white robes.
PROUDLY CLUTCHING his disploma, a just-graduated senior leaves the athletic field for a quck change of clothes, then off to the party.
RON KAUFMAN addresses his fellow senior from the podium.
BULLETIN BOARD was used for messages throughout the night long party. Adding their own deathless prose are Jim Rude and Colleen Strombeck.
DONT TAKE YOUR EYES OFF THE BALL...Marcy Watermolen swings in indoor game of golf.
PEANUT BUTTER IS BETTER THAN POT... Robyn Jordan and Tom Fruen examine one of the many mod-signs that lined the corridors.
REACHING OUT AT THE PIANO BAR... Marvin Liszt, Sanford Atlas (at the keys), Scott Grodnick, Linda Lief, Sue Chucker, Tom Rosen.
FORT LAUDERDALE SIT-IN... an oasis of quiet for Sid Silbergerg and Debbie Figen.