We have several photo albums dedicated for uploading your photos to share with other classmates. It's easy to upload your photos, just follow the online instructions below. As much as possible, please put a caption for each photo. If you need assistance, contact us and we can help you with submitting photos.

Take a journey into the past as well as checking out the present in our Photo Albums. Do you remember the day of Graduation? How about all 783 students, the facility, or the All Night Party? Check all this out and more here.

Photos really can be worth 10,000 words.

We have five videos from the 50th Reunion, created by Allan Block, "On Location Video", to view them, please click here.


The 50th Reunion

Please share your photos from the Class of '67's - 50th Class Reunion held August 25th and 26th. Please include a caption with names and/or description so everyone can enjoy the memory of the photo. Besided, we may not recognize the classmates in the photo. 

Memorial Service

This album is for photos taken during the Memorial Service that honored the classmates that have died since graduation. We also have an "In Memory Of" page listing all those who have died. Please help us update that page if you know of other classmates that have died.

Elementary School Photos

During the 50th Reunion evening, we took group photos of those who attended the elementary schools in St. Louis Park. It was like herding cats, but we made the best attempt to gather everyone in a photo of the school they attending. At that time, we had 11 elementary schools – Aquila, Brookside, Cedar Manor, Elliot. Ethel Baston, Fern Hill, Holy Family, Lenox, Oak Hill, Park Hill and Park Knoll. It was very interesting to find out who you attended school with but forgot.
Greg Lehan - Eagle

Fun photos from the last 50 years!

This album is for all those photos you might taken recently of family, friends, pets, traveling adventures, etc... they can be recent or old photos you just discovered from the past. 
Gene Gagner, Donna Gagner Stenberg, Karen Robitz and Connee Mayeron Cowles

40th Reunion Night Photos

Please feel free to upload any photos you took at the 40th reunion event. There are so many memories and stories from that night, we hope that this helps capture the excitement and help you catch up classmates after 40 years.
Dave Dale

Look who came to the 40th... (1 of 4)

This is one of four photo albums with photos of those who attended. We didn't get a photo of everyone, but we did of most everyone. See how many you can recognize... it may be harder than you think.

If you have photos you took from the Reunion to share, upload them to the 40th Reunion Night Photos album and not to this album. Thanks
Allan Strand

Look who came... (2 of 4)

This is two of four photo albums that have pictures of those who attended. How are you doing, do you recognize people after 40 years?

If you have photos you took from the Reunion to share, upload them to the 40th Reunion Night Photos album and not to this album. Thanks
Dave Stark

Look who came... (3 fo 4)

This is the third of four photo albums of those who attended. I bet you've been surprised on some people. Although some have changed drastically, some have seemed to change only a little.

If you have photos you took from the Reunion to share, upload them to the 40th Reunion Night Photos album and not to this album. Thanks
John Lindborg and Margaret

Look who came... (4 of 4)

This is four of four photo albums that have pictures of those who attended. How are you doing, do you recognize people after 40 years?

If you have photos you took from the Reunion to share, upload them to the 40th Reunion Night Photos album and not to this album. Thanks
This was our 20 year book. Classmates filled out a questionaire page and we printed each as a page in the book. It was q

20, 30 and 35th Reunion

Whoops! They had cameras way back then, but for some reason we don't have many photos of either of these three reunions. I guess we were having too much fun and forgot to capture the moments. If you have any, please feel free to upload them and be sure to label them.

Oh, there was also the 25th reunion that never was... we had it all planned and canceled too early, thinking we would not have enough classmates attending to cover expenses. Then we found out people were planning to come and just had not signed up. Turns out the hotel still had the space available, so we had it as a less formal event.  It was fantastic! Almost 200 showed up.
This was our first reunion book that contained the information we were able to gather about all the classmates.

10 Year Reunion

Over 500 people turned out to celebrate the 10 Year Reunion. About 350 were students.

It was held September 24th, 1977 at the Radisson Mart In downtown Minneapolis.

If you have photos from the 10 Year Reunion, feel free to upload them to this album. The St. Louis Park SUN newspaper, published a full article with photos. We have included many of the photos in this album. If you have any photos from the 10 year, please feel free to upload them or send them to the current  reunion committee to be included here.
Al Moore in Electronics class

A day at Park High

Memories of life at SLP High School.
Steve Thompson - Park wrestler

Sports and Activites

Memories of some of the fun days at Park!

Staff and Teacher Photos

This is only a few of the staff and teachers from St. Louis Park.
Here are the three year books for our Sophomore, Junior and Senior years at Park.

Graduation 1967

Rain Dampened Ceremonies, Not Spirits at Graduation
Thursday, June 15, 1967 – DISPATCH-PRESS–Section C–Page 1
Photos by Steve Salsberg and Evelyn Cleslak

Park Seniors Graduate After Rainout
By Steve Salsberg

St. Louis Park High seniors finally did graduate last week after a one day rain-out and showers during most of Thursday’s exercise.
    After much deliberation, the ceremonies were postponed from Wednesday as rain fell throughout most of the day. While Thursday dawned fairly bright, squall lines were in evidence by grand march time and, as the graduates took their seats, intermittent showers pelted their mortar boards.
Some 3,500 parents, relatives and friends of the graduates entered the stands at the high school athletic field, but as the spring dew came down they streamed out in a steady line.
Undaunted, however, the grads kept their seats through the shortened speeches and, except for an occasional chuckle from the throng, maintained their decorum throughout the ceremonies.
Superintendent Harold Enestvedt, noting the threatening skies, told the seniors he would cut short his commencement address and, thus, allow for a quickened handing out of diplomas. The skies, however, held as the 763 grads mounted the podium to receive their sheepskins from either School Board Member Mrs. John Northcott or Board Chairman Carter DeLaittre.
Mother Nature handled out the overall graduation present in the form of a rainbow, which greeted the graduates as they paraded off the field at the end of the ceremony.
And, after a quick kiss or handshake from the onlookers, the seniors were off to change clothes for their all-night party…

Mod, Mod Party Followed Exercises
By Evelyn Cleslak
The Class of 1967 entered a mod, mod, mod world for the eight hours immediately following graduation from the St. Louis Park High School Thursday.
Graduation in the high school stadium had been quite a happening under moody skies, the sporadic patter of rain and a psychedelic rainbow. Then came the mod all night party.
“Black light” played on the frugging couples, dancing to the beat of the Chancellors and Stillroven Band in the Disco-Tech (gymnasium) of Junior High School. It created a bizarre luminous costumed effect.
A constantly repetitive “strobe” electronic flash was quick as a wink, glancing off the ceiling of fringed newspapers in the Disco-Tech, illuminating the mod art painted on the silvery panels which made up the side wall. A blown-up caricature of “Twiggy” dominated the scene as did cages for go-go girls.
The hours sped by with a stream of entertainment. There was a showing of the film, “Morgan” and a live satire by the Dudley Riggs Players. There were Phyllis Diller interpretations by Shirley May. Bob White of KRSI Radio was on hand for MC honors. There was a visit from basketball’s Jim Pollard and golf on the terrace (Central’s stage).
Bunyan-like footprints indicated the path through a maze of corridors to “The Village” where youths were confronted with 2400 pizzas, hot dogs, doughnuts, mountains of popcorn. There was a piano bar with pop on ready tap.
There was loot to be won in the One-Eyed Jack casino, where Bingo flourished.  There was a wholesale distribution of pen and pencil sets to each of the graduates, a drawing every hour on the hour for television sets, typewriters, watches, cameras.
Security was at an all time Fort Knox high with doors barred by eager-beaver parent chaperones for both ingress and egress. Five lads of the basketball team, scheduled to leave with the party’s chairman, emerged prematurely, were promptly turned about by an alert St. Louis Park juvenile officer and herded indoors again. In revolving door fashion they emerged again, this time with the chairman and a wry comment from one of the boys, “I feel like a ping pong ball.”
It was a mod, mod, mod post-commencement revel planned by a parent committee. It wound up with breakfast at the senior high school at 6 a.m.