50th Reunion - Class of 1967
August 26, 2017
2 years, 1 Month and 23 days since
our Reunion.
Welcome to the St. Louis Park - Class of '67 Website. This website belongs to the entire class, so we hope you make good use of it. Everything can be found on this website for years to come. So, check it often for updates and information on classmates and events.

On the Help Us Find... page, we have many classmates we have not been able to find. Please check the list over and see if you can help us find classmates.


The Vikings are finally going to honor the Parkettes as the original cheerleaders for the Vikings. They've invited and will honor all of the previous Parkettes at the final pre-season home game at the US Bank Stadium. 

Additionally, there's an Event for anyone to attend at the Metropolitan honoring the Parkettes/Vikings Cheerleaders Sept. 1st.


Please enter your information on the Classmate Bios page. Please remember to include your email address. 

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